Welcome to EATA 2016 !

On behalf of the European Association for Transactional Analysis (EATA) and the hosting national association ASAT-SR we are pleased to welcome you to Geneva, Switzerland, for EATA’s conference on Identity, Integration and Boundaries.

EATA was created in 1976 in Villars, Switzerland and we are thrilled to come back to its birth country to celebrate its 40th anniversary and invite our International TA community, all people interested in TA and friends to Geneva.

Switzerland has a special situation, being in the centre of Europe, yet not being a member country of the European Community. It is a special country, which identity is based on four different cultures and languages, forming a confederation. Geneva in particular has a long history of welcoming immigration, be it people in exile, seeking safety and protection or expatriates working for the international organizations and multinational companies.

Today, with opened frontiers and an increasing amount of immigration, there is a sense of rising anxiety and insecurity, fear of the other and the difference.   That phenomenon is quickly spreading with masses of refugees and migrants and has become a European as well as an International concern.

This conference will focus on what our TA community has to offer in the face of such tremendous changes, how as transactional analysts or others we take our social responsibility. Our gathering together at this conference will offer a space to reflect on the following questions: How to encourage mutual respect in the face of growing anxiety and insecurity and in the midst of multiple frames of reference? How to find one’s bearings in a world in constant changes? How to protect one’s integrity while integrating many cultures? What are the needs of people to link their cultural, social and political script with the cultural, social and political script of the country they migrate to?

Our aim is to offer an opportunity to involve practitioners from different fields of specialization and modalities with key experts and speakers.

We are excited at the prospect of sharing these three days with you and we are very much looking forward to welcoming you in Geneva in July 2016.

The organizing committee:

Sylvie Monin                  Sandra Jaunin Dacquin                Valérie Schwarz
Project lead