Proposal Submission


Closing date for the submission: January, 22nd 2016

Identity – Integration – Boundaries

The conference is based on the actual political and social realities we find in our countries and we want to create a program which evidences and illustrates the theme in terms of:

  • what happens across the world and in our societies, and how is it analysed and researched?
  • what does TA offer for refugees, immigrants, minorities and discriminated against and disenfranchised groups and individuals?
  • what does each Transactional Analyst to take to be her/his social responsibility?
  • how do we as Transactional analysts in all fields reflect upon social responsibility?
  • what do people need to link their original cultural, social and political script with the cultural, social and political script of the country they move to?
  • what is the contribution of social transactional analysis – theory and practice to develop Identity – Integration – Boundaries?

We are planning different formats because we think the conference design and the choice of presenters should mirror the ideas of Identity – Integration – Boundaries

  • Workshops
  • Presentations – theory and or research
  • Poster Sessions

And we are open to other ideas…. respecting the organisational aspects such as the time frame, rooms size and so on …

For your information:

The criteria we use to assess the relevance and quality of the presentations and workshops include:

  1. Is there a clearly formulated focus in your proposal?
  2. Does the title of the workshop clearly relate to the proposed content and to the theme of the Conference, with two or three keywords?
  3. Does your proposal refer to a theoretical concept in connection with TA and, if necessary with other scientifically identifiable approaches?
  4. To what extent does your proposal demonstrate an original and in-depth reflection?
  5. Is there a description of either your workshop methodology or the supporting resources of your lecture?

Amongst the indicators useful for assessing a contribution, the Scientific Committee looks for:

  • Compliance with the length of proposal is necessary -10 lines to describe the workshop. If e.g. the proposal exists of only 2 and a half lines, it might not mean the workshop is of lower quality, but in such a case, the Scientific Committee does not have enough information to consider and compare
  • The identification of either an article or a bibliography locates the theoretical framework of the envisaged contribution.
  • A statement of TA concepts or other established models helps us to clarify the level of the proposal.
  • Your proposal is required to include practicalities such as the number of participants, plus their professional or institutional context, and any other relevant aspects

The criteria are based on “Appel a contributions” IFAT 2015


Scientific Committee for Geneva:
Laura Bastianelli, Mireille Binet , Evita Cassoni, Thorsten Geck, Rosemary Napper, Marie-Christine Seys and Sabine Klingenberg (Coordinator)

Pour télécharger l’appel à propositions en français, cliquez ici