How to get to Congress Center


Buses and trams 

The buses and trams around Geneva run from about 05h00 – 24h00. Depending on the line, additional night buses and trams are scheduled after 24h00 on weekends.

From Name of bus stop to CICG Bus/tram Direction
Gare   Cornavin Vermont   (CICG) Bus 5 Aéroport
Gare   Cornavin Sismondi   (CICG) Tram 15 Nations
Airport Vermont   (CICG) Bus 5 Thônex Vallard

For additional information on the tram and bus schedules/routes, please visit

If you are staying at a hotel in Geneva, you will receive a “Geneva Transport Card” (free travel on the Geneva network, valid throughout your stay) when you check-in. Please note that hotels in France DO NOT provide this card.

A spacious parking is situated right next to the CICG called “Parking des Nations” on Rue de Varembé. It has space for approximately 1’100 guests, and is located at walking distance to the CICG.

Taxi services in Geneva operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can find various taxi stations around the city of Geneva, or can call 022 331 41 33 at any time for a scheduled pick-up.
If you would like to ask to be picked up or dropped off directly at the CICG, please ask the drivers for “Esplanade du CICG”, which will transport you to the closest entrance of the congress.